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Supporting a healthy planet and healthy people by making it convenient and economical to get the organic produce for making delicious and nutritious green juice.


Organic Sunflower Sprouts

These little babies are full of life!  Their nutrients are extra easy to absorb and they are known for their perfect balance of them.  They give you lots of complete protein which helps your muscle tissue repair itself, your bones get stronger and your enzymes work better. aiding in enzymatic functions and promoting strong bones. They have lots of B vitamins and essential amino acids available to help counteract the effects of stress on the cell and the body and support your adrenal glands.  They are high in zinc which makes your hormones very happy, and they have just the right mix of Vitamin E, C and selenium to keep your arteries and heart in tip top shape. They are also full of chlorophyll which is blood building, inflammation calming and body deodorizing. Just cant get any better than that!