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Supporting a healthy planet and healthy people by making it convenient and economical to get the organic produce for making delicious and nutritious green juice.

About Ken & Pam

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Hi!  We are Ken and Pam Blue.  We both are very passionate and dedicated to promoting health both for the body and for the planet.  Living Raw gives us an avenue to express that desire.  We both became familiar with the idea of raw and living foods through Hippocrates Health Institute where we both work.  We not only met there, but married there as well. It was right in the heart of the beautiful Hippocrates grounds, we exchanged our vows in a little grass hut that says "Only Love is Spoken Here".  Of course,  we had a scrumptious buffet of raw and living food, a beautiful raw wedding cake decorated with white roses and spur of the moment Tai Chi (in full blown wedding attire) as our first dance making the whole experience memorable in every way.

Ken has been involved in food since he was old enough to work in his Grandfathers restaurant.  He currently works as the Executive Chef at Hippocrates Health Institute, a position he has cherished since 2003.  He teaches classes both to guests of the Institute and the local community on living food preparation, proper food combining, tai chi and qigong, and is currently working on his Doctorate at the International College of Medical Qigong.

Pam was a teacher for 10 years until  CranioSacral Therapy changed her life and inspired her to change careers.  As of 2005, she began working at Hippocrates as a massage therapist specializing in CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology.  She now works as the Director of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program and finds great fulfillment and joy in her connection to people of all ages and from all over the world who participate in the HED program and become global leaders in health and wellness.

Both of us enjoy living a raw vegan lifestyle and the many benefits it has granted us.  We love to empower others in their journey towards a greater level of health and vitality by making it as fun, easy and affordable as possible.